How to prepare your house for Passover?

Sometimes people make a mistake in the matter of Passover tasks,

on one hand, whoever is obliged to abide by all the rules of the holiday has quite a list of tasks to perform,

on the other hand, if we emphasize what is necessary then we can save unnecessary work,

Beyond the legality of the holiday, it was customary in the world that Passover is a point in time in which general order and

general cleanliness is done for the entire house, including painting walls.

The focus should be on areas where we ate and most likely left bread crumbs or cookies (Chametz),

for example, an attic that is barely used and rarely climbed is the place where the least effort should be made

unless we have bird cages there that eat and soil the area while eating.

So where do you start cleaning?

Logic says where the food is stored in the first place – the kitchen

Kitchen cabinets, storage places for packaging and food products,

the refrigerator including the freezer is the most dynamic place in terms of product turnover on an hourly basis,

so strictness in these areas should be the strictest, pouring boiling water into the grooves in the refrigerator can be not a bad idea at all.

Stoves and ovens are also areas that require thorough cleaning as they contain many grooves to which food reaches frequently.

Carpets can store countless crumbs of cookies and various foods,

Especially if there are babies who crawl on the carpet while eating various snacks,

Passover is a great time to order a professional carpet cleaner,

do not take this hassle on yourself a professional carpet cleaner with the right materials and tools should do the job.

With very rich experience in the field of professional carpet cleaning

we will be happy to be at your service and offer you a fair quote,

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What to check on a carpet cleaning company Before ordering one

What to check on a carpet cleaning company Before ordering one

no matter what field we are talking about there are rules that are repeated in most service provider categories,

sometimes by emphasizing a few small things the difference can be huge both in terms of cost and level of professionalism,

In our generation when everything starts and ends on the internet,

the first step we do is go to the GOOGLE search engine

and look for the main keyword according to the requested service,

for example if we are looking for a professional in the field of carpet cleaning

then we will type the search word first – carpet cleaning includes the area Where you live,
the results you will receive will be divided into 3:

  1. Sponsored ads when the word ad appears above the headline – which means that the service provider invests
    in a marketing budget in order to appear at the top of the page when each click costs him money.
  2. Organic ads are basically natural ads that appear in the search results and the service provider
    has invested in the site and made sure to produce content that specifies the type of service,
    company experience and many other types of content that allow it to appear in different search results pages.
    In the highest ranking possible and what actually determines the position of each one is mainly the quality and quantity of the content in that category.
  3. GOOGLE Business Index List This is a list of businesses that have set up such a business page
    with the main purpose being to allow Google to display the list of businesses according to the
    geographical location of the user who performed the search. Reviews and directions.

Following the example given in the world of carpet cleaning, one of the things we need to focus on is

customer satisfaction with the help of the service provider – under the review area in the GOOGLE business list
you will understand the level of service and how satisfied people really are and whether the prices were reasonable.

Clicking on the natural ads will usually lead you to either the company’s website or a targeted landing page to leave details,
it is important to be impressed by the professional’s portfolio, service providers in the field of carpet cleaning should display
photos or videos of before and after work done to illustrate the quality and level of workmanship,

Which will actually let you understand what type of service you are going to receive and whether the service provider
will be able to handle your specific carpet, not every company knows how to deal with hard stains that have not been cleaned over many years,
the professional must be equipped with the right materials and tools The right experience to match you with the best solution for the type of surface.

We have briefly presented in this article the initial focus you need to pay attention to before you call the professional,

On this occasion and on the same subject, we will be happy to be at your disposal.
If you are indeed looking for a solution for cleaning carpets in your home, we have the experience and the tools to do so.
You are welcome to read the positive reviews of all our satisfied customers.

Both on our homepage and on the GOOGLE business list
Leave details in the contact form and we will be happy to give a free telephone consultation

How to prepare ourselves for hosting your close family on holidays?

The holidays

are just around the corner and we really want to preserve the family bond,
Mom’s family comes from Plantation, Florida And father’s family come from South Florida.

The holidays are definitely a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship,
the children are very much looking forward to the arrival of relatives we have not seen for a long time,
longing floats and memories only reinforce the need to organize the meeting.

The forces to get organized properly, family hospitality on holidays can be quite a complicated,
take care to organize the house in the right way, shop at the right time, cook and clean the house before everyone arrives,
and of course hide Grandma’s luxury vase that almost broke last time Uncle SAM almost broke after Who drank half a bottle of Scotch whiskey from the PROPER TWELVE brand,

admits I made a mistake I bought the bottle when I know Uncle SAM just can not resist the temptation.

As we said the task is not simple but after all the parents’ hard effort mostly,
we reach the climax, sit around the table and enjoy the food Of mom and grandma, mom of course will be stressed because this is the time of year we order the services of a carpet cleaning expert from Right4yousteamers and after he finishes running his charms with the special tools and soap that leaves a scent of heaven all over the house mom is scared and stressed from all A crumb that dares to fall on the carpet,

in fact our main tip is to plan correctly and not leave the complex tasks to the end,
make a neat list of all the necessary softeners, a to-do list for all household members,

you can give small tasks to children as well as dust or even dry grass in the yard.

We wish you a Happy holiday with a clean house full of funny jokes, and most importantly that Mom’s rug stays clean (:



Carpet cleaning before the holidays and especially before Christmas

Research shows that having a clean and tidy home directly influences your health and your mood.
Now that holidays such as Christmas are coming, we will be needing to organize the kitchen, clean the windows, and fix the balcony. Here we will share some tricks for cleaning and organizing your home.

1. Clean the kitchen:

One of the most important places in the house is the kitchen since it’s the space that you will be using the most during the holidays.

Arm yourself with a cleaning kit that contains cloths, grease remover, disinfectant,
bags, and a selection of good music to make the task more pleasant to carry out.
Don’t forget to sanitize your electronic devices as well.

Clean the oven thoroughly. It is advisable to leave it overnight with a degreasing product to finish the next day.

Another trick is to heat it a bit so the dirt softens and is easier to remove.

To get rid of the bad smell, leave a lemon or orange peel and heat the oven at a low temperature, the aroma will spread throughout the kitchen.

Then you can proceed to the refrigerator. Examine what you have frozen, you may not know what is stored.

Finally, clean the drawers and the rest of the room.
When removing dust, do it from top to bottom, wipe the countertop and shelves with a damp cloth.

In the same way, proceed with mirrors and crystals.

2. Check the food storage:

Do a thorough review of the shelves to verify the expiration date of products, sauces, condiments, and other foods.
As December approaches, use the ones that are close to their expiration date.

Also, make a list of the ingredients you will need during the celebrations.

3. Impeccable bathrooms:

The bathrooms must be very clean, especially the one for the visitors,
this will require a thorough cleaning because it is not used very often.
It is good to place some nice smelling products such as sprays so that it maintains a pleasant atmosphere.
Disinfects accessories, toilets, sink and descale the faucets.

4. Organize the rooms:

Clean the rooms and take out what is not used frequently. This way there will be more space to store objects and you will have a clean environment.

Put plants in the windows to create a feeling of freshness that encourages rest.
If you have a room for guests, try to keep it arranged. In this way, those who arrive will feel welcome.

Ventilation must also be kept in mind, open the windows and doors so the air circulates.
Bacteria and fungi are accumulated in closed spaces,
take care that this won’t lead to an allergy for family members.

5. Carpet Rug Cleaning

If you have a carpet, you should know that cleaning it is extremely important.
Not only will this make your carpet look better, but it will also prevent you from getting illnesses caused by the presence of germs and bacteria.
Cleaning the carpets yourself can be time-consuming.
Therefore, It is best to call a professional technician to take care of the situation.
This will help you save time specially before getting ready to the important holiday deaner.

6. Arrangement of external areas:

The balcony, garden, and terrace are places to enjoy meetings with family and friends.

Inspect these areas frequently as the value of maintenance is very important.

Clean them thoroughly, check that there is no moisture and if necessary apply a coat of paint to cover any imperfections or dirt.

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Important keys choosing the best service supplier before holidays

Carpet cleaning before holidays – Service Suppliers are one of the fundamental pieces within the value chain of any business.
They optimize production processes and can greatly influence the success or failure of the company / private service.

For this reason, taking certain aspects into account before deciding on your choice will be very beneficial for the employer,
since it will give you greater security in knowing that you are working with the correct provider. 

This article shares some important keys that will help any business choose the best service supplier.

Companies are constantly faced with a highly competitive and changing market,
led by increasingly demanding and empowered consumers.

The challenge is meeting your needs by delivering high-quality products and services.
To achieve this, every process and piece of the supply chain must be properly involved in order for it to reach its full potential.

This is where the choice of service providers is decisive.

Variety of candidates

Having a variety of offers and options will allow you to rigorously evaluate and compare the benefits offered by each provider,
and determine which one is the most appropriate for your business. In addition,
there is the possibility of needing more than one supplier to perform a job and having a wide range of candidates will ensure the efficiency of the project.

Market experience

Collecting all the information about the supplier will serve to ensure the fulfillment of the requested work.
Investigating his clients, what other companies he has worked with,
retrieving testimonials or references from companies to which he provided services will allow you to adopt a certain degree of credibility when establishing the business relationship.

Selecting serious companies with a good reputation will ensure a high degree of compliance, and will allow him to respond responsibly and in the agreed time.


It is necessary to evaluate the different financing possibilities and payment terms that the provider offers

Payment facilities

It is essential to choose the candidate that best suits the needs of the specific service .
Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the different financing possibilities and payment terms that the provider offers. 


Taking the location into account will influence the issue of transportation and cost.
The proximity will reduce delivery times and avoid additional charges or logistical inconveniences related to the distance factor. 

Having a supplier within the same city or area can be a better alternative to shorten delivery times,
avoid delays that generate delays in production, as well as having greater flexibility in deliveries and provisioning.

It is convenient to negotiate until you find a supplier that offers a fair price, with first-rate products or services.

Price-quality ratio

The price factor will always be important when considering a supplier.
The requirement is to know how to evaluate it, since a high price will not always ensure the highest quality.
It is important to negotiate until you find a supplier that offers a fair price, with premium products or services.
Even analyzing the possibility of obtaining discounts for large volumes of purchase
will be worth making a conscious decision that is backed by short and long-term benefits.

By following these important keys, youll’ be able to choose the best supplier and establish lasting and sustainable
relationships that promote the growth of both and, above all, that offer quality products and services for customers.

And as you already know, this blog deals mainly with everything related to carpet cleaning and also professional cleaning by steam machine
so it was important for us to emphasize the importance of emphasizing the professionalism of the service provider you will work with,
with our extensive experience and our satisfied customer base. Carpet cleaning before holidays with right4yousteamers.

You  Can more than be sure that you will not be disappointed with the level of service you will receive through right4yousteamers,
do not hesitate the holidays are approaching and we can make sure that the carpet or tiles in your home are going to be clean as new


When it’s about time to call a professional carpet cleaning company

professional carpet cleaning Let’s be honest, carpets take on the brunt of our lives.
No matter how clean or careful we are, somehow our carpets always end up getting a bit dirty whether it’s from a spill,

our pets, our children, or just old wear and tear.
Sometimes it’s easier to deal with the mess ourselves and clean it as best we can,
but when the mess becomes too big it’s best to just call a cleaning service.

But, how do you know when it’s the right time to call a cleaning service?

Remember the last time you got your carpets cleaned?

Let’s start off by saying, once a year you should try and get upkeep done on your carpets by a professional cleaner.
If you care about the longevity of your carpets it’s best to get them professionally cleaned once every 12 to 18 months,

this upkeep makes sure that your carpets look and feel their best.
It also makes sure that your carpets stay clean of all excess dust and bacteria that shouldn’t be there.

When you have stubborn stains or spills:

Spills can be a pain to get out of your carpet and sometimes when you try to clean them yourself you end up making a bigger mess than what you started with.
Big unpleasant stains have happened to the best of us, whether it’s from accidentally spilling a drink,
or a pet that isn’t potty trained, stains are inevitable.

When you have a stain or spill with colors or smells that don’t seem to go away you know that it’s time to call for some help.
Professional carpet cleaners are qualified to get out almost any stain without the risk of ruining your carpets.

When you have a pet:

If you have a pet it is likely that your furry friend has made a mess on your carpets.
Sometimes they come in with muddy paws or sometimes they eat treats and end up
leaving crumbs all over the carpets, and even if they don’t they always find a way to leave their fur everywhere.
Fur is extremely hard to get out of carpet, as I’m sure all of our pet owners out there know,
and although that might seem harmless it could end up being a problem if you have someone with allergies over.

Even if you have your pet in a different room their fur will be all over the carpet and can end up causing their allergies to flare up which can be annoying at best,
or dangerous at worst.

But professional cleaners have machines that are made to thoroughly clean your carpets,
and will be able to easily remove any fur left in your carpets no matter how deep.

When you have young kids:

It is extremely pertinent to have clean carpets when you have young children in your household.

Children and babies tend to play on carpets since it is such a soft surface and is safer than tile in case they fall.

But since they play, crawl and run around on these carpets they risk being exposed
to all of the dust and bacteria that is caught in the fibers.

In order to make sure your children stay safe, healthy, and unexposed you should call a professional carpet cleaning service.

When you’ve discovered mildew or mold in one of your rooms:

It is for sure the time to call a professional carpet cleaner when you notice that there is mildew or mold in one of your rooms.
Spores can easily get trapped in your carpet and can pose a serious and dangerous threat if not cleaned out properly.

Luckily professional cleaners are qualified and able to clean out your rugs and carpets
so that you don’t have to get new ones, or risk getting yourself or a loved one sick.

We are happy to offer you our carpet cleaning services, especially if you are located in the Miami area.

Please reach out to us and leave details about where the rug is located on our contact form
and we will back to you with your free quote as soon as we can.

professional carpet cleaning

Carpets, the bacteria’s favorite habitat

Carpets, the bacteria’s favorite habitat

A group of specialists in creating hypoallergenic homes revealed that this issue present in almost all houses
and interiors can accommodate 4,000 times more microorganisms than a toilet !

In the fall, weather conditions often lead to the proliferation of allergy outbreaks.
And those who suffer from this disorder of their immune system,
tend to increase cleaning habits at home in order to avoid accumulation of dust and minimize the risk of “attacks”.

Now, when dusting shelves, cleaning cabinets, and making sure to ventilate the rooms,
many people overlook an element of the home that specialists say is the bacteria’s favorite environment: rugs.

The specialists warned that the carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria, and it also houses traces of pollen, dust and dead skin.

Bacteria, pollen debris, dust and dead skin coexist on a carpet.

Robin Wilson is an interior designer dedicated to creating “hypoallergenic homes.”.

According to her, the “trafficking” of waste from the outside to the inside can be a problem,
since without knowing it, people transport pathogens in their garments and footwear that will later be trapped in their rugs.

“Let’s imagine, for example, if during your walk in the park, your dog steps on feces from another animal that will then end up at your house.

You could have germs that cause serious illness, like Escherichia coli, on your carpet without even knowing it.

With this rather eschatological, but real example, specialists try to raise awareness of the care that must be taken in everyday issues like that.

A microbiology investigation published in 2001 found about 4,000 times more dirt on a carpet than in a toilet seat,
with about 200,000 bacteria every 2.5 square centimeters, Men’s Health magazine reported.

However, bacterial infections do not pose the main risk in this matter, as are allergies.

For specialists, a dirty rug is the cause of
frequent “colds” in allergy sufferers.

Is that, as revealed by the United States National Center for Healthy Housing,
The remains of dirt that come from the outside in clothing and footwear penetrate deep into the
fibers of the carpet and generate a true “deposit” of allergens that can negatively affect health.

“These allergens, such as pollen or dust, can cause respiratory problems and wheezing when they are expelled ??on the air, “said Wilson.

And while it is true that allergic or cold rhinitis are not life-threatening illnesses,
For people living in constant exposure to these symptoms it is a real discomfort.

To pollen and dust are added, as if that were not enough, the thousands of dead human skin cells, which,
when “falling” from the body, become food for dust mites, according to the National Center for Healthy housing.

The above article is intended to raise awareness about the importance of keeping and maintaining clean carpets,
especially when there are pets indoors that go in and out frequently,
we will be happy to offer you our

professional carpet cleaning service

especially in the Miami area, Leave details about the area where the rug is located on our contact form
and we will get back to you with a free quote Asap


Professional cleaning service the benefits

For durability, it’s always best to use professional carpet cleaning services for your home.

Our carpets protect the floor of our house, make our barefoot steps more pleasant,
give a more colorful view to our home, etc.

They are a source of comfort and softness but they do require the right kind of care for long-lasting endurance over the years.

If you have carpet, either in your office or your home, you should know that sudden spills and stains are common accidents that require immediate clean-up.

However, getting professional carpet cleaning services gives a new life to your carpets,
prevents illnesses caused by the existence of germs and bacteria as well as other benefits listed below.

Clears Allergens & Bacteria

A dirty carpet can retain countless sources of contaminants from the indoor air in your home,
including pet dandruff, insect eggs such as fleas and ticks, dust, and bacteria.

Toxic gases, bacteria, and city smog can lock onto these particles and get trapped within the fibers of your carpet.

In your daily activity of vacuuming the carpet, these toxic gases can be released polluting the air in your home.

A professional cleaning service eliminates these bacteria through the use of specialized shampoos that, in addition to cleaning,
sanitize surfaces by removing all contaminants with high-powered vacuum cleaners.

Furthermore, COVID-19 has been a significant concern as the transmission can happen by being near an infected person talking, sneezing, or coughing.

And this is only possible when the virus has a carrier which is a liquid produced from either coughing or sneezing.

Thus According to, having your carpets professionally steam cleaned can help ease your mind about the presence of the virus.

Time-saving and cost-efficient

Cleaning the carpets yourself can be time-consuming. Therefore, It is best to call a professional technician to take care of the situation.
This will help you save time.

With all the latest equipment, professional carpet cleaners know to handle a cleaning job more time effectively.

The same job for the same outcome might require hours of effort on your part.

Latest equipment and experience

Carpet cleaning professionals own state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed to clean your carpets.

By hiring a professional, you can be sure that you will be using up-to-date equipment for the best results.

Increases your carpet’s lifespan

Regular cleaning by professionals ensures that your carpet will look new for a long period of time.

Carpets are expensive so naturally, you want to get as long a lifespan as possible.

Ensure the longevity of your carpet by calling in the experts.


As the Coronavirus has been recognized as a tough virus, threatening you and your family’s health,
Right4yousteamers has proven cleaning procedures and protocols to combat the spread of known coronaviruses.

Engaging Right 4 you steamers services will provide your carpets the most
effective and efficient techniques together with amazing results that leave our customers more satisfied than ever.


Different uses for carpet in home decor

Different uses for carpet in home decor – Apart from being a decorative item full of beauty rugs have a variety of different roles in home design.

With the help of the rug you can incubate areas and demarcate different corners in the house.

For example, a large rug that collects all the living room furniture and separates the living room area from the dining / kitchen area,
areas can be defined by placing rugs between the public space of the house and the private spaces.
For example, a rug in the hallway that separates the spaces.

Apart from defining the areas the rug adds color and style to the space in which we chose to place them,
when you chose a design where the walls are less dominant you can add a stain of full color in character using the rug.

Just as you complete the space by choosing curtains, placing a picture or choosing an exact accessory,
you can complete the design look of a space by placing a rug that creates a unique harmony and connects the various items.

What are the main types of rugs?

Wool rugs

Raw material used for many years for the production of various fabrics.
Wool is considered a natural raw material which is mainly produced from the gas of sheep (the use of gas from cashmere and mohair can also be seen).
Depending on being a natural raw material the price of wool rug together with other rugs is high.

Natural wool comes in a meager variety of colors but it is customary to dye it in a variety of colors that provide rugs in spectacular shades and different and special patterns.
The wool rug is easy to clean due to the fact that the wool does not generate static electricity and thus does not absorb dust from the environment.

Cotton rugs

Woven rugs from the cotton plant, the cotton fibers are soft and can be made from soft rugs that are pleasant to the touch.
Cotton rugs are flexible and durable due to the durability of the material from which they are woven.
Cotton can relatively easily create a wide variety of color combinations, geometric shapes, patches and a wide variety of rugs in different sizes.

Compared to other materials, cotton rugs are more durable and their wear is slower so they are easier to maintain.

Rope rugs

The rope rugs are woven by hand and consist of natural materials (jute, straw),

the rope rugs have a minimalist and neutral style and are therefore suitable for any space.

The raw materials of the rope rugs are a significant advantage in preserving the environment.

Do not steal the show from the design and are particularly easy to clean due to their short fibers.

Kilim rugs

Kilim rugs are rugs that are woven in a two-and-even shape,
they are most often woven in the Balkans and are known for their unusual geometric patterns,
the kilim rugs are characterized by a flat weave and bring a different atmosphere to each space in which they are located.

The kilim rugs have a wide range of colors, and the type of weaving allows them to turn the rug and refresh its color and touch.
Kilim rug is an easy rug to maintain and clean.

Polyester rugs

The polyester rugs are made of soft and recycled synthetic polyester fibers.

The material from which they are made makes them high quality durable rugs, washable with soap and water and suitable for home and outdoor use.

The polyester rugs can be placed on the balcony or in the garden due to their high resistance to outdoor conditions.

Silk rugs

Silk rugs are considered to be luxurious and expensive rugs.
Their weaving is usually dense and high-quality weaving that gives the rug a textured and velvety texture.

A variety of silk rugs can also be found in low density that lower the price of the rug.

The abrasion level of silk rugs is higher than regular wool rugs, the soft and velvety texture is destroyed relatively quickly and the pattern of the rug becomes blurred.

PVC carpets

durable material with a variety of uses in construction and design.
PVC rugs are usually designed for places where there is moisture such as bathroom, kitchen and exterior,
the patterns of the rugs are printed directly on the material and therefore can come in a wide variety of illustrations, colors and shapes.

this kind of  rugs are ergonomic with a spongy back that makes them soft and comfortable. The carpet can be cleaned with water and detergents, very easy to maintain.

How much does a beautiful rug cost for a home?

Apart from the different materials from which the rugs are made there are different types of weaving forms (manual, machine),
different types of designs (Moroccan, modern, classic and more ..), different sizes and different fiber density,
each factor affects the quality of the rug, durability and price.

The denser and more natural the carpet fibers, the better its quality and the higher its price.

Today there are a variety of rugs that combine a mixture of synthetic fibers and natural fibers together, which reduces the cost of the rug and makes it easier to maintain. The cost of the rugs can range from a few hundred to thousands of shekels for one rug.

Rugs for living room design

Your living room is the largest and most central space in the house. We are in it during most of the hours we are at home,
managing our leisure and social life in it and accordingly we make sure to design it in a way that suits all these functions.
The rug in the living room is not just an item used to warm your feet,
the wide variety of rugs has made the rug a complementary item that you can find in almost every home.
Any rug you choose can suit the living room and in choosing it is recommended to dedicate a very important, the size of the space,
the color of the walls and the color of the furniture must be taken into account.

Kitchen rugs

In most cases rugs are perceived more as an item that is more suitable for the living room or bedroom area and not for the kitchen area,
but with the development of technology in the subject there are more and more people who incorporate the rug in the kitchen design as well. As a space where it is customary to perform dirty tasks, choose a durable and easy-to-clean carpet such as PVC carpets and other durable carpets.

Rugs for the bedroom

A bedroom is where we start our day or alternatively get to it at the end of each day in home.

It is our private space and combining a rug in the bedroom can make your stay in it more pleasant and inviting.
The most suitable rugs for the bedroom are soft rugs like cotton and wool rugs in delicate and pleasant shades that will create a quiet and pleasant atmosphere on the space.

Rugs for the nursery

In the children’s room, the rug is not only used as a design item, but as a practical product that prevents the children
from coming into contact with the cold floor, absorbs shocks and prevents slipping.
Therefore, the choice of rug for the children depends on a wide range of factors, from the choice of color to the softness of the rug.

Shaggy rugs are very suitable for children’s rooms due to their softness and pleasantness to the touch,

shaggy rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns that can bring joy and unique colors to the children’s room.

Rugs for the bathroom

Although the carpet in the bathroom seems to most people to be a marginal item, beyond the soft substrate for the wet feet,

it provides the final touch in the bathroom design and has become an important and significant item.
When choosing a rug for the bathroom, make sure that it is a rug made of synthetic materials that are resistant to
moisture conditions, such as polyester or cotton rugs designed for the bathroom.

Rugs for the horseshoe

The status of the balcony in home design is growing and accordingly,

today you can find a variety of types of synthetic rugs that are suitable for outdoor conditions and give warmth and atmosphere
to the balcony and blend it with the interior of the house.
The rugs most suitable for outdoor conditions are rugs made of synthetic materials such as hollow fiber resistant to outdoor conditions, straw rugs and PVC rugs.

How will you keep the rug for a long time?

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the rug is an item that needs regular maintenance in order to last a long time.

As you have seen there is a huge variety of types of rugs, made of different materials at different densities and each rug has its own maintenance instructions,
we have collected for you the five rules for maintaining all rugs to help you keep the item valuable over time.

Carpet placement

Carpet placement is of great importance that affects its durability.

It is not recommended to place rugs under heavy furniture, if you still decide to place the rug under the furniture,
keep in mind that the visible area can change its shade and wear over the years so
you will not be able to change its position in the future without leaving the furniture mark.

In addition, it is not recommended to place the rug in the area where direct sunlight reaches,
sun exposure on a daily basis causes the fabric fibers to lose their color and durability.

Routine weekly maintenance

Once a week the carpet should be vacuumed, once every six months the carpet should be
turned on its back for two / three days in order to ventilate the dust and redistribute the fibers.
In addition, it is recommended to rotate the carpet once in a while to prevent abrasion in a particular place.

Insulate the carpet

One of the most common mistakes is laying the carpet directly on the flooring.

On the face of it, it does not sound like a mistake, but every small movement of the rug causes wear and tear on its back,
and already after a few months, a decrease in the quality of the rug can be seen.

Separate the rug from the flooring by mesh or felt designed for rugs.

Moisture prevention

Another carpets are not known to like moisture.

And in Israel’s Mediterranean climate it is difficult to prevent the accumulation of moisture that damages the carpet.
In order to protect the carpet from the damage caused by the moisture,
the carpet should be spread out once a year in a place flooded with sun for several hours,
in this way you will dry the moisture absorbed in the carpet and prevent irreversible damage.


Maintain regular maintenance of carpet cleaners and read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

If a stain is formed on the carpet, it must be cleaned quickly in order to prevent the stain from being absorbed permanently – this can be done with dedicated cleaning materials.

Avoid rubbing the stain! The rubbing action will cause the stain to spread and grow, try to absorb the material that stained the carpet and of course after cleaning ventilate it in a well-lit place to prevent the accumulation of moisture.

If you do not have the opportunity to spread the carpet in an outdoor place under sunlight,
we do not recommend ordering a professional cleaning company due to the fact
that the professional cleaning materials are required in complete drying of the carpet.