Carpets, the bacteria’s favorite habitat

Carpets, the bacteria’s favorite habitat

A group of specialists in creating hypoallergenic homes revealed that this issue present in almost all houses and interiors can accommodate 4,000 times more microorganisms than a toilet !

In the fall, weather conditions often lead to the proliferation of allergy outbreaks.
And those who suffer from this disorder of their immune system,
tend to increase cleaning habits at home in order to avoid accumulation of dust and minimize the risk of “attacks”.

Now, when dusting shelves, cleaning cabinets, and making sure to ventilate the rooms,
many people overlook an element of the home that specialists say is the bacteria’s favorite environment: rugs.

The specialists warned that the carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria, and it also houses traces of pollen, dust and dead skin.

Bacteria, pollen debris, dust and dead skin coexist on a carpet.

Robin Wilson is an interior designer dedicated to creating “hypoallergenic homes.”.

According to her, the “trafficking” of waste from the outside to the inside can be a problem,
since without knowing it, people transport pathogens in their garments and footwear that will later be trapped in their rugs.

“Let’s imagine, for example, if during your walk in the park, your dog steps on feces from another animal that will then end up at your house.

You could have germs that cause serious illness, like Escherichia coli, on your carpet without even knowing it.

With this rather eschatological, but real example, specialists try to raise awareness of the care that must be taken in everyday issues like that.

A microbiology investigation published in 2001 found about 4,000 times more dirt on a carpet than in a toilet seat,
with about 200,000 bacteria every 2.5 square centimeters, Men’s Health magazine reported.

However, bacterial infections do not pose the main risk in this matter, as are allergies.

For specialists, a dirty rug is the cause of frequent “colds” in allergy sufferers.

Is that, as revealed by the United States National Center for Healthy Housing,
The remains of dirt that come from the outside in clothing and footwear penetrate deep into the
fibers of the carpet and generate a true “deposit” of allergens that can negatively affect health.

“These allergens, such as pollen or dust, can cause respiratory problems and wheezing when they are expelled ??on the air, “said Wilson.

And while it is true that allergic or cold rhinitis are not life-threatening illnesses,
For people living in constant exposure to these symptoms it is a real discomfort.

To pollen and dust are added, as if that were not enough, the thousands of dead human skin cells, which,
when “falling” from the body, become food for dust mites, according to the National Center for Healthy housing.

The above article is intended to raise awareness about the importance of keeping and maintaining clean carpets,
especially when there are pets indoors that go in and out frequently,
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Maintaining your carpet clean with pets

Pets give us their unconditional love and affection.

But the whole ‘package’ also includes hairs, smells, and odors.

Keeping the carpet clean, especially if our little ones play on it, is necessary for our health. But with animals at home, this is not always easy.

Although cats and dogs are the most common pets, ferrets, rabbits, piglets are also kept as pets …

In general, many animals that we love but give us a headache with the hair they shed.

Animals tend to spread their hair around the house, and that can be a problem to maintain hygiene at home.

In the case of carpets, there are solutions for everything.

Today we will see that it is viable to have animals with hair and clean carpets.

Keep your pets clean

The cleaner the pet, the cleaner the carpet.

One of the drawbacks of animal hair, as well as the possible mites or dust that they carry, is that the hair gradually falls throughout the house.

Hence, it is worth brushing our pets with some frequency.
If it is a dog, brush it daily, preferably outdoors, to remove dead hair as well as any other type of dirt that has been collected from the street.
As for baths, it should not be done more than once a month.

Mind the paws

When it comes to a dog, besides the brushing part, it is advisable to clean their paws before entering the house.

You can do this with a towel dipped in warm water or use wet wipes.

preferably those biodegradable and suitable for animals. Clean it gently and calmly so that your pet relaxes.

Keep everything close to the entrance and, after cleaning, reward him with a treat.

Create their relaxing spot

We all know that pets are big fans of laying on carpets, therefore the ideal is that they should have their own seating area (there are mini sofas specially designed for them).

But if you cannot resist, or they do not attend your commands you will have no choice but having to clean the areas covered with their hair.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuum frequently to stay away from hair, dirt, dust, and other bacteria.
You may have to vacuum your carpet several times a week as well as your furniture since any dirt that is on the furniture can easily end up on the carpet.

Always  prepared

Accidents happen, as pet owners we will always be aware that even the most well-trained pet may have an accident from time to time.
Make sure you will treat pet stains as soon as possible Maintaining your carpet.

The longer they sit, the harder they are to get rid of.

Hire a carpet cleaning service
Hiring a professional carpet cleaner isn’t only about refreshing your carpet.

Pros will re-apply soil and stain protectants to your carpet.

This can guard your carpet from future stains, making maintenance easier and providing you additional peace of mind about your carpet’s longevity.

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Different uses for carpet in home decor

Different uses for carpet in home decor – Apart from being a decorative item full of beauty rugs have a variety of different roles in home design.

With the help of the rug you can incubate areas and demarcate different corners in the house.

For example, a large rug that collects all the living room furniture and separates the living room area from the dining / kitchen area,
areas can be defined by placing rugs between the public space of the house and the private spaces.
For example, a rug in the hallway that separates the spaces.

Apart from defining the areas the rug adds color and style to the space in which we chose to place them,
when you chose a design where the walls are less dominant you can add a stain of full color in character using the rug.

Just as you complete the space by choosing curtains, placing a picture or choosing an exact accessory,
you can complete the design look of a space by placing a rug that creates a unique harmony and connects the various items.

What are the main types of rugs?

Wool rugs

Raw material used for many years for the production of various fabrics.
Wool is considered a natural raw material which is mainly produced from the gas of sheep (the use of gas from cashmere and mohair can also be seen).
Depending on being a natural raw material the price of wool rug together with other rugs is high.

Natural wool comes in a meager variety of colors but it is customary to dye it in a variety of colors that provide rugs in spectacular shades and different and special patterns.
The wool rug is easy to clean due to the fact that the wool does not generate static electricity and thus does not absorb dust from the environment.

Cotton rugs

Woven rugs from the cotton plant, the cotton fibers are soft and can be made from soft rugs that are pleasant to the touch.
Cotton rugs are flexible and durable due to the durability of the material from which they are woven.
Cotton can relatively easily create a wide variety of color combinations, geometric shapes, patches and a wide variety of rugs in different sizes.

Compared to other materials, cotton rugs are more durable and their wear is slower so they are easier to maintain.

Rope rugs

The rope rugs are woven by hand and consist of natural materials (jute, straw),

the rope rugs have a minimalist and neutral style and are therefore suitable for any space.

The raw materials of the rope rugs are a significant advantage in preserving the environment.

Do not steal the show from the design and are particularly easy to clean due to their short fibers.

Kilim rugs

Kilim rugs are rugs that are woven in a two-and-even shape,
they are most often woven in the Balkans and are known for their unusual geometric patterns,
the kilim rugs are characterized by a flat weave and bring a different atmosphere to each space in which they are located.

The kilim rugs have a wide range of colors, and the type of weaving allows them to turn the rug and refresh its color and touch.
Kilim rug is an easy rug to maintain and clean.

Polyester rugs

The polyester rugs are made of soft and recycled synthetic polyester fibers.

The material from which they are made makes them high quality durable rugs, washable with soap and water and suitable for home and outdoor use.

The polyester rugs can be placed on the balcony or in the garden due to their high resistance to outdoor conditions.

Silk rugs

Silk rugs are considered to be luxurious and expensive rugs.
Their weaving is usually dense and high-quality weaving that gives the rug a textured and velvety texture.

A variety of silk rugs can also be found in low density that lower the price of the rug.

The abrasion level of silk rugs is higher than regular wool rugs, the soft and velvety texture is destroyed relatively quickly and the pattern of the rug becomes blurred.

PVC carpets

durable material with a variety of uses in construction and design.
PVC rugs are usually designed for places where there is moisture such as bathroom, kitchen and exterior,
the patterns of the rugs are printed directly on the material and therefore can come in a wide variety of illustrations, colors and shapes.

this kind of  rugs are ergonomic with a spongy back that makes them soft and comfortable. The carpet can be cleaned with water and detergents, very easy to maintain.

How much does a beautiful rug cost for a home?

Apart from the different materials from which the rugs are made there are different types of weaving forms (manual, machine),
different types of designs (Moroccan, modern, classic and more ..), different sizes and different fiber density,
each factor affects the quality of the rug, durability and price.

The denser and more natural the carpet fibers, the better its quality and the higher its price.

Today there are a variety of rugs that combine a mixture of synthetic fibers and natural fibers together, which reduces the cost of the rug and makes it easier to maintain. The cost of the rugs can range from a few hundred to thousands of shekels for one rug.

Rugs for living room design

Your living room is the largest and most central space in the house. We are in it during most of the hours we are at home,
managing our leisure and social life in it and accordingly we make sure to design it in a way that suits all these functions.
The rug in the living room is not just an item used to warm your feet,
the wide variety of rugs has made the rug a complementary item that you can find in almost every home.
Any rug you choose can suit the living room and in choosing it is recommended to dedicate a very important, the size of the space,
the color of the walls and the color of the furniture must be taken into account.

Kitchen rugs

In most cases rugs are perceived more as an item that is more suitable for the living room or bedroom area and not for the kitchen area,
but with the development of technology in the subject there are more and more people who incorporate the rug in the kitchen design as well. As a space where it is customary to perform dirty tasks, choose a durable and easy-to-clean carpet such as PVC carpets and other durable carpets.

Rugs for the bedroom

A bedroom is where we start our day or alternatively get to it at the end of each day in home.

It is our private space and combining a rug in the bedroom can make your stay in it more pleasant and inviting.
The most suitable rugs for the bedroom are soft rugs like cotton and wool rugs in delicate and pleasant shades that will create a quiet and pleasant atmosphere on the space.

Rugs for the nursery

In the children’s room, the rug is not only used as a design item, but as a practical product that prevents the children
from coming into contact with the cold floor, absorbs shocks and prevents slipping.
Therefore, the choice of rug for the children depends on a wide range of factors, from the choice of color to the softness of the rug.

Shaggy rugs are very suitable for children’s rooms due to their softness and pleasantness to the touch,

shaggy rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns that can bring joy and unique colors to the children’s room.

Rugs for the bathroom

Although the carpet in the bathroom seems to most people to be a marginal item, beyond the soft substrate for the wet feet,

it provides the final touch in the bathroom design and has become an important and significant item.
When choosing a rug for the bathroom, make sure that it is a rug made of synthetic materials that are resistant to
moisture conditions, such as polyester or cotton rugs designed for the bathroom.

Rugs for the horseshoe

The status of the balcony in home design is growing and accordingly,

today you can find a variety of types of synthetic rugs that are suitable for outdoor conditions and give warmth and atmosphere
to the balcony and blend it with the interior of the house.
The rugs most suitable for outdoor conditions are rugs made of synthetic materials such as hollow fiber resistant to outdoor conditions, straw rugs and PVC rugs.

How will you keep the rug for a long time?

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the rug is an item that needs regular maintenance in order to last a long time.

As you have seen there is a huge variety of types of rugs, made of different materials at different densities and each rug has its own maintenance instructions,
we have collected for you the five rules for maintaining all rugs to help you keep the item valuable over time.

Carpet placement

Carpet placement is of great importance that affects its durability.

It is not recommended to place rugs under heavy furniture, if you still decide to place the rug under the furniture,
keep in mind that the visible area can change its shade and wear over the years so
you will not be able to change its position in the future without leaving the furniture mark.

In addition, it is not recommended to place the rug in the area where direct sunlight reaches,
sun exposure on a daily basis causes the fabric fibers to lose their color and durability.

Routine weekly maintenance

Once a week the carpet should be vacuumed, once every six months the carpet should be
turned on its back for two / three days in order to ventilate the dust and redistribute the fibers.
In addition, it is recommended to rotate the carpet once in a while to prevent abrasion in a particular place.

Insulate the carpet

One of the most common mistakes is laying the carpet directly on the flooring.

On the face of it, it does not sound like a mistake, but every small movement of the rug causes wear and tear on its back,
and already after a few months, a decrease in the quality of the rug can be seen.

Separate the rug from the flooring by mesh or felt designed for rugs.

Moisture prevention

Another carpets are not known to like moisture.

And in Israel’s Mediterranean climate it is difficult to prevent the accumulation of moisture that damages the carpet.
In order to protect the carpet from the damage caused by the moisture,
the carpet should be spread out once a year in a place flooded with sun for several hours,
in this way you will dry the moisture absorbed in the carpet and prevent irreversible damage.


Maintain regular maintenance of carpet cleaners and read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

If a stain is formed on the carpet, it must be cleaned quickly in order to prevent the stain from being absorbed permanently – this can be done with dedicated cleaning materials.

Avoid rubbing the stain! The rubbing action will cause the stain to spread and grow, try to absorb the material that stained the carpet and of course after cleaning ventilate it in a well-lit place to prevent the accumulation of moisture.

If you do not have the opportunity to spread the carpet in an outdoor place under sunlight,
we do not recommend ordering a professional cleaning company due to the fact
that the professional cleaning materials are required in complete drying of the carpet.


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