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When it’s about time to call a professional carpet cleaning company

professional carpet cleaning Let’s be honest, carpets take on the brunt of our lives.
No matter how clean or careful we are, somehow our carpets always end up getting a bit dirty whether it’s from a spill,

our pets, our children, or just old wear and tear.
Sometimes it’s easier to deal with the mess ourselves and clean it as best we can,
but when the mess becomes too big it’s best to just call a cleaning service.

But, how do you know when it’s the right time to call a cleaning service?

Remember the last time you got your carpets cleaned?

Let’s start off by saying, once a year you should try and get upkeep done on your carpets by a professional cleaner.
If you care about the longevity of your carpets it’s best to get them professionally cleaned once every 12 to 18 months,

this upkeep makes sure that your carpets look and feel their best.
It also makes sure that your carpets stay clean of all excess dust and bacteria that shouldn’t be there.

When you have stubborn stains or spills:

Spills can be a pain to get out of your carpet and sometimes when you try to clean them yourself you end up making a bigger mess than what you started with.
Big unpleasant stains have happened to the best of us, whether it’s from accidentally spilling a drink,
or a pet that isn’t potty trained, stains are inevitable.

When you have a stain or spill with colors or smells that don’t seem to go away you know that it’s time to call for some help.
Professional carpet cleaners are qualified to get out almost any stain without the risk of ruining your carpets.

When you have a pet:

If you have a pet it is likely that your furry friend has made a mess on your carpets.
Sometimes they come in with muddy paws or sometimes they eat treats and end up
leaving crumbs all over the carpets, and even if they don’t they always find a way to leave their fur everywhere.
Fur is extremely hard to get out of carpet, as I’m sure all of our pet owners out there know,
and although that might seem harmless it could end up being a problem if you have someone with allergies over.

Even if you have your pet in a different room their fur will be all over the carpet and can end up causing their allergies to flare up which can be annoying at best,
or dangerous at worst.

But professional cleaners have machines that are made to thoroughly clean your carpets,
and will be able to easily remove any fur left in your carpets no matter how deep.

When you have young kids:

It is extremely pertinent to have clean carpets when you have young children in your household.

Children and babies tend to play on carpets since it is such a soft surface and is safer than tile in case they fall.

But since they play, crawl and run around on these carpets they risk being exposed
to all of the dust and bacteria that is caught in the fibers.

In order to make sure your children stay safe, healthy, and unexposed you should call a professional carpet cleaning service.

When you’ve discovered mildew or mold in one of your rooms:

It is for sure the time to call a professional carpet cleaner when you notice that there is mildew or mold in one of your rooms.
Spores can easily get trapped in your carpet and can pose a serious and dangerous threat if not cleaned out properly.

Luckily professional cleaners are qualified and able to clean out your rugs and carpets
so that you don’t have to get new ones, or risk getting yourself or a loved one sick.

We are happy to offer you our carpet cleaning services, especially if you are located in the Miami area.

Please reach out to us and leave details about where the rug is located on our contact form
and we will back to you with your free quote as soon as we can.

professional carpet cleaning

Maintaining your carpet clean with pets

Pets give us their unconditional love and affection.

But the whole ‘package’ also includes hairs, smells, and odors.

Keeping the carpet clean, especially if our little ones play on it, is necessary for our health. But with animals at home, this is not always easy.

Although cats and dogs are the most common pets, ferrets, rabbits, piglets are also kept as pets …

In general, many animals that we love but give us a headache with the hair they shed.

Animals tend to spread their hair around the house, and that can be a problem to maintain hygiene at home.

In the case of carpets, there are solutions for everything.

Today we will see that it is viable to have animals with hair and clean carpets.

Keep your pets clean

The cleaner the pet, the cleaner the carpet.

One of the drawbacks of animal hair, as well as the possible mites or dust that they carry, is that the hair gradually falls throughout the house.

Hence, it is worth brushing our pets with some frequency.
If it is a dog, brush it daily, preferably outdoors, to remove dead hair as well as any other type of dirt that has been collected from the street.
As for baths, it should not be done more than once a month.

Mind the paws

When it comes to a dog, besides the brushing part, it is advisable to clean their paws before entering the house.

You can do this with a towel dipped in warm water or use wet wipes.

preferably those biodegradable and suitable for animals. Clean it gently and calmly so that your pet relaxes.

Keep everything close to the entrance and, after cleaning, reward him with a treat.

Create their relaxing spot

We all know that pets are big fans of laying on carpets, therefore the ideal is that they should have their own seating area (there are mini sofas specially designed for them).

But if you cannot resist, or they do not attend your commands you will have no choice but having to clean the areas covered with their hair.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuum frequently to stay away from hair, dirt, dust, and other bacteria.
You may have to vacuum your carpet several times a week as well as your furniture since any dirt that is on the furniture can easily end up on the carpet.

Always  prepared

Accidents happen, as pet owners we will always be aware that even the most well-trained pet may have an accident from time to time.
Make sure you will treat pet stains as soon as possible Maintaining your carpet.

The longer they sit, the harder they are to get rid of.

Hire a carpet cleaning service
Hiring a professional carpet cleaner isn’t only about refreshing your carpet.

Pros will re-apply soil and stain protectants to your carpet.

This can guard your carpet from future stains, making maintenance easier and providing you additional peace of mind about your carpet’s longevity.

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