How to prepare your house for Passover?

Sometimes people make a mistake in the matter of Passover tasks,

on one hand, whoever is obliged to abide by all the rules of the holiday has quite a list of tasks to perform,

on the other hand, if we emphasize what is necessary then we can save unnecessary work,

Beyond the legality of the holiday, it was customary in the world that Passover is a point in time in which general order and

general cleanliness is done for the entire house, including painting walls.

The focus should be on areas where we ate and most likely left bread crumbs or cookies (Chametz),

for example, an attic that is barely used and rarely climbed is the place where the least effort should be made

unless we have bird cages there that eat and soil the area while eating.

So where do you start cleaning?

Logic says where the food is stored in the first place – the kitchen

Kitchen cabinets, storage places for packaging and food products,

the refrigerator including the freezer is the most dynamic place in terms of product turnover on an hourly basis,

so strictness in these areas should be the strictest, pouring boiling water into the grooves in the refrigerator can be not a bad idea at all.

Stoves and ovens are also areas that require thorough cleaning as they contain many grooves to which food reaches frequently.

Carpets can store countless crumbs of cookies and various foods,

Especially if there are babies who crawl on the carpet while eating various snacks,

Passover is a great time to order a professional carpet cleaner,

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